SORAブロックチェーン AIリカバリー、L2システムエディション
SORA blockchain AI Recovery, L2 System Edition

We have reached a promising outlook for implementing and realizing a ‘system for professionals’ in the SORA blockchain, which allows for data scanning from failing drives using AI. The commercial version of this data recovery function is now decided upon. We have been dedicated to the development of the blockchain since September 2016, but returned to this development in July 2021.

From the insights gained from the blockchain, we will implement a ‘System Recovery’ that allows for easy data scanning of failing drives by stacking analysis data on AI-NFTs in the following sequence: SORA Blockchain → Smart Contracts → Multi-purpose NFTs, Multi-purpose NFTs → Multi-dimensional NFTs (type: NFT recovery) → AI-NFTs.

Our system can scan data like magic even on drives that stop midway or encounter numerous errors, which are unmanageable with commercial duplicators. As we are actually using this system in our operations, we can confidently guarantee its quality.