The drives with high-density platters that have become mainstream today are affected by just one contact with a ‘sector deemed dangerous’ (in cases where the scratch is deep and the head’s retreat is too slow), resulting in a sudden change (deterioration) in the drive’s condition.

It has become essential to employ technology that calculates the drive’s condition (automatic analysis from the drive’s behavior and failure statistics) and proactively avoids dangerous areas.

By using this technology, we can skillfully avoid a large number of incoming ‘dangerous bad sectors’, complete the scan to the end, and recover over 90% of the data. This technology has become indispensable for recovering data from large-capacity drives of 500GB or more.

For the accumulation and analysis of failure statistics, we utilize specialized ‘data mining’. We apply the analytical information obtained through this data mining to AI data recovery.

Example: The drive may appear stable, but interpreting it as such without caution can lead to recovery failure. We have compiled how such drives change over here.