We detect bad sectors on drives in a time-efficient manner. This is a convenient feature for large-capacity hard disks. The ‘Warning Message’ clearly displays messages indicating ‘Replacement Needed’ for bad sector detection.

Time-Reduced Scan Operation Method
時短スキャン 操作方法

Please select ‘Execute Time-Reduced Scan’ from the settings dialog under ‘Full & Detailed Scan Settings’ in the menu, as indicated by the red circle.

Select the scan target drive. Multiple selections are possible as it supports simultaneous inspection.

Thanks to the simultaneous scan support, even time-reduced scans can significantly shorten the inspection time for large-capacity drives.

Clicking inside the box at the top right ‘Time-Reduced Scan by v2(HDD)’ will start the time-reduced scan.
右上の「時短スキャン by v2(HDD)」のボックス内を左クリックすると時短スキャンが始まります。

About the Detailed View Button

We have graphed the transfer speed. There is also a feature to output the transfer speed in CSV format.

This will be the graph of the transfer speed
1番: 転送速度のグラフ

The graphed transfer speed is displayed. It can be checked during a full scan and is updated in real-time.

Switch the graph of the transfer speed
2番: 転送速度のグラフを切り替え

This is the feature that retains the changes in transfer speed as a trace
3番: 転送速度の変化を軌跡として残す機能

The fluctuations in transfer speed are retained as a trace, allowing you to visually capture the drive’s transfer speed.

It will output a CSV
4番: CSVを出力

The order of the CSV is specified in box number 5.