Disabling Auto-Mount: Operating Instructions
自動マウント無効化 操作方法

Open this feature from the menu ‘Driver Management’ → ‘Open Auto Mount Management’. Disabling auto-mount blocks the mounting process that occurs immediately after a drive is connected in the data recovery function. This reduces the chance of accessing a failing drive, and there is no need to mount during data recovery. Please revert the settings after the data recovery work.

1st: Select enable/disable
1番: 無効/有効を選択

This will change the settings for the entire system. After making your selection, click the button in the 2nd option.
システム全体の変更となります。ご選択後 2番のボタンをクリックいたします。

2nd: Execute Button
2番: 実行ボタン

This executes the choice made in the 1st option. This will apply the settings. In Windows 11 / 10, restarting Windows is not necessary. It can be applied as it is.
1番の選択結果を実行します。これで適用となります。Windows 11 / 10 では、Windowsの再起動は必要ありません。このまま適用で大丈夫です。