Complete Fully Scan Operation Method
完全スキャン 操作方法

From the Menu, go to “Full & Detailed Scan Settings” and check option 10, “Full Scan Various Options.” Enabling the “Bad Sector Analysis Report” will activate the report function for bad sector analysis.
メニュー→「完全・詳細スキャン設定」より10番の「完全スキャン 各オプション」をご確認ください。「不良セクタ解析レポートを有効にする」にチェックを入れますとレポート機能の「不良セクタ解析レポート」が有効となります。

Select the Scan Target Drive, Multiple drives can be selected for simultaneous inspection
4番: スキャン対象ドライブを選択いたします。同時検査に対応できますので複数選択もOK

Simultaneously inspecting multiple drives can significantly reduce the inspection time for large-capacity drives.

Start the Full Scan
1番: 完全スキャンが開始

Right-clicking changes it to “Safe” mode. In Safe mode, the scan will stop as soon as a bad sector is detected.

Force Termination
1番: 強制終了
You can forcibly terminate the scan without worry, avaivable the resume function, which allows you to pick up where you left off

Please wait until the scan of all drives is complete before generating a full scan report. The progress of the full scan is automatically saved, and regarding resuming (restarting), it will be automatically assigned for the next scan. When you execute the scan, you will be asked whether to resume from where you left off.

Bad Sector Status
2番: 不良セクタの状況

The position of any bad sectors will be recorded in the log’s “Warning Message.” You can easily see if it’s normal by checking this log after a full scan.

Drive Operational Stability
3番: ドライブの動作安定度

Detecting bad sectors alone is not enough to understand the state of the drive. Since it’s necessary to grasp the state of sectors becoming bad, another perspective is needed. Therefore, we graphed the increase in error correction and instability in operation that occurs as sectors become bad.

Button to Switch Display When Simultaneous Scan of Multiple Drives is Enabled
4番: 複数ドライブの同時スキャン有効のときその表示を切り替えるボタン

Scans are being performed in parallel on drives that are not displayed.

Pause & Resume Button
5番: 一時停止&再開ボタン

Pauses only the displayed drive, not all drives simultaneously.

Show Detailed View Button
6番: 詳細ビューの表示ボタン

The transfer speed is graphed. There is also a feature to output the transfer speed in CSV format.

Transfer Speed Graph
1番: 転送速度のグラフ

The graph of transfer speed is displayed. It can be checked even during a full scan and is updated in real-time.

Switch Transfer Speed Graph
2番: 転送速度のグラフを切り替え

Feature to Retain Transfer Speed Variations as a Trace
3番: 転送速度の変化を軌跡として残す機能

The variations in transfer speed are retained as a trace, allowing you to visually capture the transfer speed of the drive.

Output CSV
4番: CSVを出力

The order of CSV is specified in box 5. The pre-entered text in the box is the key.

After completion, we proceed to the full scan report.
完了後 完全スキャンレポートに移行します。

Degraded Drive

Normal Drive

Drive Information
1番: ドライブ情報

Drive information is displayed here to show multiple drives in the same dialog.

Scan Result
2番: スキャン結果

The results vary slightly depending on the judgment.

Information Obtained from S.M.A.R.T.
3番: S.M.A.R.T.より取得した情報

Usage time and power-on count are obtained and reflected in the current scan results.

Aging Meter (Indicating the Degree of Deterioration)
4番: 経年劣化計(どの程度劣化しているか)

The smaller the number, the more degraded it is, so we recommend replacing it as soon as possible.

Store This Report in Text Format
7番: テキスト方式で本レポートの保管

The position of bad sectors is also output in detail, not just the quantity.

Switch Displayed Drive
8番: 表示ドライブを切り替え

In the case of simultaneous inspection, you can switch the report here.

Temporary Reuse of Drive
9番: ドライブの一時再利用について

We will note the risks here in case bad sectors are found.

Division of Areas for Temporary Reuse
10番: 一時再利用される場合の領域の区切り

We guide you through setting up areas to avoid bad sectors. However, reusing a drive with bad sectors is not recommended.