Logical failures due to file system damage

Select ‘Data Recovery: Logical Analysis Advanced Data Recovery’ from the ‘Complete & Detailed Scan Settings’ in the menu. Then, select the target drive from the list and click on ‘Detailed Scan’ in the 2nd option.
メニューの「完全・詳細スキャン設定」より「データ復旧:論理解析 アドバンストデータ復旧」を選択いたします。それから対象ドライブをリストからご選択後、2番の「詳細スキャン」をクリックいたします。

From the launched FS Editor, choose the first option for correct order, then apply and click OK.

Please always use the bad sector prediction (millisecond inspection). Click ‘>> Auto Risk Management Window’ to launch it. Even in recovery from logical failures, use the ‘Bad Sector Prediction (Millisecond Inspection)’. In data recovery, the condition of the drive is unknown, and recovery measures are needed before investigation due to the presence of bit rot (>> About Bit Rot) that proliferates internally without notice. Open the bad sector prediction settings at the bottom right, select the middle option, and then click OK. For the Recovery Edition/Pro Edition, you can also select the option at the bottom.

As soon as the settings are complete, right-click on the rescue target area and select ‘Directory Structure Analysis’

Wait until completion. About 5 minutes is the guideline. However, if the condition of the drive is not favorable, it may take about 30 minutes.

‘Root’ folder: Contains a set of lost files and folders.
‘Delete’ folder: Contains a set of deleted files and folders.
‘Separation’ folder: Files that are separated from the Root folder are stored here. Even if the logical structure of the file system is broken, if the file group is found, it can be restored from there. The location of that file group is unknown, hence it is in the ‘Separation’ folder. Here, select the folder or files you want to restore.
「Root」フォルダ: 失われたファイル・フォルダ一式が入っております。
「Delete」フォルダ: 削除されたファイル・フォルダ一式が入っております。
「Separation」フォルダ: Rootフォルダから離れたファイル郡はここに収まります。

Finally, the restoration. >> Perform file restoration and write out the selected files. Please leave the bad sector prediction monitor ‘as is’. It will also be used in file restoration.
いよいよ復元。>>ファイル復元を行い 選択されたファイルを書き出します。不良セクタ危険予知モニタは「そのまま」にしてください。ファイル復元でも利用いたします。