When a computer (Surface) breaks down, the first thought is often to consider “repair by the manufacturer.” However, repairing the computer alone does not bring back the data. Manufacturer repairs typically involve replacing the drive with a new one, returning it to the “state at the time of purchase,” which results in the loss of all important data accumulated over time. If there is a backup on an external device, the data can be restored from there.

Therefore, our company offers computer repair services, allowing for repairs to be completed without going through the manufacturer.

Regarding Memory Failures

Memory is the lifeline of a computer. Even the slightest corruption in memory data is absolutely unacceptable. It is a ‘given’ that data should not be corrupted. Every program running on a computer operates on the ‘assumption’ that the contents of the memory are always correct. Depending on the situation, memory corruption can lead to ‘logical failures’ and potentially destroy important data.

Calculation Errors Due to Power Shortage

While it has become less common, we have seen numerous cases where capacitors around the CPU are damaged, rendering the system inoperable. If you request repairs immediately, there is hardly any impact on the data, and there is no need for data recovery. However, if you continue to use it despite issues, it can significantly affect the data. You may still see the term “high-quality domestic capacitors” because they do not affect performance.

Thermal Damage to Video Chips (Graphics Cards)

This is a common failure in laptops. Chips that generate a lot of heat are primarily the ‘CPU,’ followed by the ‘Video Chip (GPU).’ The reason for GPU damage is often that, unlike the well-protected CPU, the GPU is only covered with a thermal conductive sheet. The GPU’s heat generation is underestimated compared to the CPU, leading to malfunction. As it controls the video system, the screen may not display at all, making normal use difficult.

Summary of Repair Patterns

Repair to the state at the time of purchase (initialization) [Manufacturer Repair]
This method involves replacing damaged parts and initializing the computer to its state at the time of purchase. The computer will work, but all data will be lost.
購入時の状態に修理する(初期化する)場合 [メーカ修理]

Repair to the state at the time of purchase while preserving data [Data Recovery + Repair]
購入時の状態に修理しデータを温存する場合 [データ復旧+修理]

The hard disk (SSD) is removed, and data recovery is carried out. Then, damaged parts are replaced, and the computer is initialized to its state at the time of purchase. Data is preserved, and computer repair is completed.

Data Preservation Only [Data Recovery]
データ温存のみの場合 [データ復旧]

The drive is removed, and data recovery is carried out. If switching to a new computer, data recovery alone should suffice.


We are capable of performing cleanroom operations to replace damaged parts inside the damaged drive. We have been providing this service since 2005 and ensure thorough work.

We can also replace motors in damaged hard drives. Although it has become rarer, we still encounter cases where fluid bearing seizes up, making the drive unable to rotate.