ATA Command Transmission Function

1: Displays the progress of ATA command transmission
1番: ATAコマンド送信の進行状況を表示

Transmission of certain ATA commands may take time due to their nature.

2 to 4: Single Complete Command Types
2番 – 4番: 単一完結系コマンド

These include three types: spin-up, spin-down, and cache release.

5: A function to prevent the drive from entering sleep mode by periodically accessing it
5番: ドライブに定期的アクセスする事によりスリープ状態になるのを防ぐ機能

Hard disks last longer when operated at a stable temperature. However, many cases are observed where the drive operation is stopped due to forcibly set power-saving functions. This command can improve the drawback that power-saving functions cannot be disabled due to being forced.

6 and 7: Set AAM – Use the slider in 6 to set the value and the button in 7 to change the setting
6番・7番: AAMを設定 6番のスライダーで値を設定し7番のボタンで変更設定

8 and 9: Set APM – Use the slider in 8 to set the value and the button in 9 to change the setting
8番・9番: APMを設定 8番のスライダーで値を設定し9番のボタンで変更設定

AAM Manufacturer Recommendation Button – Sends the AAM recommended by the manufacturer. Clicking the APM Auto Button brings up a dialog to set and send the optimal value for APM.
AAMメーカ推薦ボタン メーカさんが推薦するAAMが送付されます。APMオートボタンをクリックいたしますとAPMを最適な値にし送付できるダイアログが出ます。

10: Switch a drive recognized as PIO to DMA
10番: PIO認識されたドライブをDMAに切り替え

This is a function to forcibly disable PIO.

11 to 14. Buttons to send each respective function to the drive
11番 – 14番: 各機能をドライブに送るボタン

Write cache and read-ahead cache can be enabled or disabled using the same button.