Repairing Physically Damaged Drives in a Clean Environment

[1] Head Crash (Damage to the Head Assembly)
[1] ヘッドクラッシュ(ヘッド系統の損傷)

The head tip is slightly levitated and operated by the air pressure caused by rotation. If it collides with the disk surface for any reason, it will incur damage like shown in the image and become inoperable.

[2] Platter Warping
[2] プラッタ歪み

The cause of unreadability is not always the head assembly. Similar issues can occur when there is an anomaly in the platter, which holds the data. Generally, this type of failure is more troublesome than damage to the head assembly. The error is very small and not visible to the naked eye. The degree of warping is determined by the graph of the scanning system, so we postpone it to the data scanning process. The image on the right below shows the transfer rate, and the disorder in the graph indicates ‘its effect’.

[3] Motor Burnout
[3] モータ焼け

This is a failure where the motor’s bearings burn out, preventing it from rotating.

  • There are cases where the motor barely rotates and cases where it does not rotate at all.
  • When the motor barely rotates, it produces a very loud abnormal noise.

※ かろうじてモータが回転する場合と一切回転しない場合にわかれております。
※ かろうじてモータが回る場合、非常に大きな異音が発生します。