FAQ: Bad Sector Repair Function

Q1, Can the bad sector repair function be executed from any state?
Q1, 不良セクタを修復する機能は、どのような状態からでも実行できますか?

This function is designed to repair mild bad sectors. Since it’s very common for a few light bad sectors to appear, we hope this function will be helpful. It’s a temporary measure to revive the drive, so if you can replace it, that would be better. Using this function on SSDs as a disposable solution can be effective. It allows you to revive your SSD and use it without worry.

Q2, To what extent can a drive with revived bad sectors be used?
Q2, 不良セクタを復活させると、どの程度使えるものでしょうか?

It depends on the situation. The cause of the bad sectors greatly affects the outcome. If the issue is due to magnetic material peeling, the drive’s lifespan will be short. In cases of mild head degradation or slight platter distortion, the drive can operate relatively longer. With magnetic material peeling, the transfer rate can significantly decrease at the damaged site, potentially leading to a rapid breakdown. In cases of head degradation or platter distortion, the drive may temporarily revive by allocating alternative sectors, but it will fail once these run out.
状況によります。不良セクタが発生いたしました原因で大きく異なるためです。 磁性体剥離の場合は短く軽度のヘッドの劣化/軽度のプラッタ歪みの場合は比較的長く動作可能です。磁性体剥離で傷の場所で転送レートが大きく低下する性質がありそこで一気に崩れる場合もあります。ヘッドの劣化やプラッタ歪みでは代替セクタが割り当てられるなどで一時的に復活しますがそれらが尽きると崩れます。

Q3, I encountered bad sectors that seem to be due to an initial defect. Can this function fix them?
Q3, 初期不良と思われる不良セクタが出ました。この機能で直せますか?

For initial defects, we recommend seeking a replacement. The repair function of this feature allocates alternative sectors from the reserve area. Therefore, if a new or nearly new drive develops bad sectors, it’s better to replace it since the quality will not match that of a new drive.