Our Drive Inspection System:
Examples of Corporate Adoption

Thirdwave Corporation [Dospara]

We sincerely appreciate your evaluation of our inspection tool.

  • Both the “Full Scan” and “Statistical Scan” functions are employed for inspection purposes.
  • Notably, our tool allows computers to be shipped as “100% fully inspected,” not only for HDDs, including SSDs/NVMes, which are challenging to evaluate using traditional sector-only scanning methods.
  • Our software’s “Statistical Scan” function, designed for SSDs/NVMes, was verified in practice about two years after its release. This feature observes the probabilistic behavior in the frequency domain of SSDs, indicating a potential short lifespan if the characteristics are unfavorable. It has been reconfirmed that good characteristics lead to over five years of trouble-free operation, while poor characteristics may result in failure within one to two years.
  • By preemptively excluding SSDs/NVMes with poor characteristics, we have established an environment where we can consistently provide computers labeled as “fully inspected,” ranging from new to refurbished.

We have implemented an autonomous decentralized system using blockchain technology. This ensures the consistency and uniformity of the inspection processes conducted at each store nationwide. The robust decentralization and immutability of blockchain maintain the integrity of data from each store, providing a service that end-users can trust.

When connected to an online computer, the system automatically updates to the latest state due to the autonomous decentralized nature of the blockchain. We have adjusted it so that the latest information is accessible even in write-protected environments. This enables secure use between third-party computers. The requirement of write protection and no installation allows for direct booting and inspection of the target computer. We employ a method to inspect without disassembling the computer itself, avoiding unnecessary disassembly work and improving productivity.

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.

Thank you for adopting our SSD investigation tool for special applications.

When we inquired with a major data recovery company about special SSD investigations, we were surprised by their cold response, “We don’t conduct such inspections.” This raised strong doubts about the entire data recovery industry. How is data recovery achieved by a data recovery company that cannot inspect drives or investigate file systems?

Thank you for your interest in SSD benchmarking.

We were commissioned to conduct a special SSD investigation using the “SSD Benchmark Function.” We supported the selection of SSDs tailored to such optimal needs. Through software development and drive inspection processes, we propose the best SSDs and provide services that closely match your business or project. Regardless of customer demands, we strive to meet expectations. Please feel free to consult with us under any conditions.

We conduct investigations, including data placement and recovery rates, and adapt to changing situations. Benchmark tests are also carried out. We incorporate unique functions tailored to the customer’s objectives and respond accordingly. Individual custom drivers are created, and communication formats are adopted.

Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

Our drive replacement rule construction has been adopted.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our drive failure prediction service. By adopting our drive failure prediction technology, you can optimize replacement rules and reduce the risk of unexpected failures. This ensures stable operation of IT infrastructure and efficient resource management. Since predicting failures with standard S.M.A.R.T. functions alone is challenging, we have adopted methods that include full scans.