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■ usage: Bad sectors simulation: operation method
* This feature is for HDD only.

This feature is supported by "ALL Editions". [About licence]

This scan is a feature, carefully scan the sector and predict the situation after about 3 to 6 months. Choose bad sectors simulation from the menu at the top→"full / detail scan settings" No.1.

* From No.4, choose the drive to be scanned (check the box on the far left).

If you check multiple drives, you can inspect those drives at the same time.

* Left-click on No.2 to start bad sectors simulation.

Detail scan has multiple features into one.

* If you left-click on No.1, it will be forcibly terminated.

This feature is supported in resume, even if it is forcibly terminated, it can be resumed.

* No.2 denotes the current bad sector status.

This feature that compare between present and future.

* No.4 is analysis gauge.

If the continuity is high, the effect is small and this gauge rises.

* No.1 is current sector in circumstance.

This result denotes to match "full-scan".

* No.2 denotes bad sectors that are generated near future (between 3 months to 6 months).

Even if there is now no problem, if you find this bad sectors sign, we recommend replace this drive to new.
Maybe this drive is broken.