From 8.0TB to over 20.0TB… High-Capacity Drives
8.0TB から 20.0TB越えまで……大容量ドライブ

The improvement in segmentation technology has led to drives with higher capacities. Furthermore, with the addition of faster SSDs/NVMe, there has been a need to align data recovery technology with these advanced technologies.

Achieving Safe Control at Low Cost, Even for Large Capacities

The trend towards larger capacities in drives was predictable as early as 2010 (around the time when 1.0TB drives started to emerge). Therefore, it has been essential to conduct various studies to accommodate large capacities and to solve issues related to these capacities. Data recovery is achieved through precise methods that allow automatic control by collecting analysis data as foundational data and using it for learning. The learning aspect is vital to data recovery scan technology. Since the manner in which drives fail varies, the same approach does not always apply.
ドライブの大容量化については2010年(1.0TBの出始め)より予測できました。そのため大容量に対応するため色々な研究を重ねておりましてこのような容量問題を解決している事が大切です。状態を決める部分を解析データとして集めそれらを基礎データとして学習させながら自動制御できる的確な手法でデータ復旧です。学習させる点がデータ復旧のスキャン技術に不可欠です。ドライブの壊れ方はそれぞれ異なりますので同じやり方は通用いたしません。 このシステムを導入いたしました所 大容量でも特に問題なく対処できるようになりました。