SORA L2 Blockchain – FromHDDtoSSD AI-NFT creating plain [0-dim] Making Plain AI-NFTs

Plain AI-NFTs are what are commonly known as “tokens.” They hold an amount and can move balances. Various AI-NFTs will be derived from these. But first and foremost, they start as plain AI-NFTs. They will function for “ownership transfer” and “voting.”

Click on “smart contract (qToken).”
「smart contract (qToken)」をクリックします。

New NFT: Generate a plain AI-NFT.
Enter a new symbol name and the number to be issued in the left column.
New NFT: プレーンなAI-NFTを生成いたします。

For an AI-NFT meant for ownership transfer, create it with a balance of 1.0. This will make it an AI-NFT representing ownership. For voting AI-NFTs, set the amount according to the number of votes.

In this way, plain AI-NFTs are created and then diversified.