We record the status of each model’s benchmark as a sample on the blockchain and characterize the population for each model (or by manufacturer). By referencing the obtained statistics, if we observe a significant deviation, we can confidently issue a ‘preemptive’ ‘replacement recommendation.’ This mechanism will be established using the SORA blockchain.
各モデルのベンチマークに関する状態を標本にしてブロックチェーンに記録し各モデル別(またはメーカ別)に母集団の特徴付けを実施いたします。そうして得られた統計を参照しそこから大幅な乖離がみられる場合には、 確信を持って「事前」に「交換推薦」を出すことができる仕組みをSORA blockchainで確立いたします。

Kingston 120GB

4 / 5
Operational Stability
3 / 5
Cost Efficiency
5 / 5
Durability (Normal Use)
3 / 5
Durability (Increased Write Cycles)
3 / 5
Overall Rating
18 / 25

Benchmark Test 1

Benchmark Test 2

Benchmark Test 3

Benchmark Test 4

Benchmark Test 5

Benchmark Test 6

Benchmark Test 7

Benchmark Test 8

Benchmark Test 9

Benchmark Test 10

We conducted a deviation rate benchmark test 10 times consecutively. In Test C and Test E, there is a significant increase in the deviation rate. Regarding the ‘read side,’ some disturbance does not affect the data. The impact is merely a bit of inconsistency in reading. However, the situation is different with hard drives. In hard drives, if there is significant disturbance on the read side, it could be due to platter distortion or other issues, indicating that the drive is nearing the end of its lifespan.