We offer data recovery services, drive inspection, drive analysis, and quantum-resistant blockchain. We also introduce companies that have adopted our services or software.

Thank you sincerely for choosing us.
Here, we would like to introduce examples of adoption in Akihabara, Tokyo

◇ Adopted for computer inspections by:
[https://www.dospara.co.jp/ Third Wave Corporation [Dospara]]

Location: Akihabara, Tokyo

Thank you for recognizing our ability to inspect HDDs, SSDs, and NVMe drives simultaneously.
※ They adopted both “Full Scan” and “Statistical Scan” for inspection purposes.
※ Not only HDDs but also, unlike traditional inspection software methods which only “scan sectors”, SSDs/NVMe drives are included and shipped as “100% fully inspected computers.”

The SSD/NVMe-specific inspection function of our software, “Statistical Scan”, had two predictions: “Observing SSD’s probabilistic behavior in the frequency domain, if the characteristics aren’t up to the mark, it might have a short lifespan” and “It’s not possible to observe drive failures with S.M.A.R.T.”.

Approximately two years post-release, these predictions have been validated with actual products. Good characteristics show no problems for over five years, while poor characteristics lead to failures within 1-2 years, reaffirming the “as expected” statistical results.

From brand new to repaired computers, by excluding SSDs/NVMe drives with poor characteristics in advance, we have created an environment where we can offer a stable “fully inspected” product.

We have implemented an autonomous decentralized system utilizing blockchain technology. As a result, a consistent and uniform quality is guaranteed in the inspection processes carried out at each of our stores nationwide. The robust decentralization and immutability of the blockchain ensure data consistency across all branches, providing a service that end-users can trust and rely upon.

** Upon connecting to an online computer, the autonomous decentralization of the blockchain ensures automatic updates to the latest state.
** We have made adjustments to accommodate current information even in a write-protected environment. It’s designed to be safely used between third-party computers.
** The system can be directly booted and investigated on computers meant for repair without any installations, thanks to its write-protection and installation-free features.
** We’ve adopted a method that allows for inspections without dismantling the computer itself, which eliminates the need for unnecessary disassembly and improves productivity.