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With the deployment of SORA-QAI, which is resistant to quantum and AI threats, we have established a foundation for integrating AI-related data into the blockchain. Let’s finally get it running on the blockchain.

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AI Blockchain Engineer Sora:
Hello, I’m Sora. I am responsible for developing AI and blockchain technologies. At university, I was involved in aerospace research, but before I knew it, I found myself diving into the world of AI and blockchain. In the aerospace field, I mainly worked with rockets, and that experience now informs my current work. In other words, rockets have transformed into blockchain. The destination remains the same: we are moving towards the future. Thank you.

AI Engineer Tino:
Hello, I’m Tino. I am responsible for AI development. AI and blockchain are well-suited to each other, so we focus on development that supports their mutual strengths and growth. Of course, we also address ethical issues related to AI and have incorporated AI resilience technologies into SORA-QAI. Thank you.

Infrastructure Security Engineer Mari:
Hello, I’m Mari. I am responsible for the infrastructure and security of the SORA project. In blockchain development, it is crucial to thoroughly review and reassess the security multiple times after development. I am dedicated to building an environment where everyone can use blockchain with confidence. Thank you.

Marketing Luis:
Hello, I’m Luis. I am responsible for marketing for the SORA project. We will be launching major marketing campaigns on platforms like X and Telegram. We aim to deliver AI and blockchain technologies that you can use with confidence. Thank you.

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