[Important Google Chrome users] From June 26, 2022, a download warning suddenly appeared Only for the Blockchain version.

The phenomenon in the title has occurred.
It is not an opaque warning to the Blockchain(Web3.0/NFT) because “Only FromHDDtoSSD with Blockchain” and the algorithm of this warning is unclear, isn’t it?

At a minimum, the algorithm for this warning is opaque (specifications not published) and centralized, so there is no credit in the first place. In fact, there seemed to be a lot of warnings in other cases too, and even a little research revealed a lot, and everyone was angry too.

Anyway, we remove the Blockchain(Web3.0/NFT) logic, then, it won’t get a warning. What is going on? It’s not a warning that everyone must not develop Web3.0, right? There is also hahaha (^^).

By the way, it can download by clicking the tab on the far right and clicking “Continue”.