The following three crucial keys will soon be in place

The following three crucial keys will soon be in place. We have a bad habit of implementing them before summarizing them in the roadmap. Development is faster than compiling the roadmap. Haha.

Addresses starting with S (Base58) Traditional transactions using ECDSA, P2PKH.

Addresses starting with 0x (Eth Style) The same address style as ETH series, ECDSA (ecrecover), transactions for bridging.

Addresses starting with sora (an extension of Bech32 SegWit) ECDSA, quantum & AI resistance, SegWit (mitigation of transaction ID tampering vulnerabilities), soft fork (implementation possible in a way that allows full verification of ECDSA even by old nodes). Especially, the addresses starting with sora have successfully incorporated all elements while maintaining backward compatibility. They are already operating on the testnet, so it won’t be long now. Quantum & AI resistance is quite crucial. Although quantum won’t be operational that easily, AI is already up and running, even generating beautiful videos. Measures are essential.

SORA L1 Blockchain
– Core [Crypto, Locality key, non-Locality key]:

– Blockchain [SSD/HDD checking, AI-NFT, Quantum and AI Resistance]: