About SORA L2 Blockchain – The “FromHDDtoSSD” Feature: Encrypted Memo

SORA L2 Blockchain – The “FromHDDtoSSD” Feature: Encrypted Memo.

You can store secret encrypted memos on the SORA Blockchain that only you can see. These are encrypted with a quantum-resistant key built into the SORA Integrated Wallet (HD Wallet).

The SORA Integrated Wallet automatically switches keys according to the role assigned to each function, allowing you to use all features easily.

Restoring the SORA Integrated Wallet with a 16-seed phrase will also restore this secret encrypted memo, making a backup of the wallet “unnecessary”.
With just the 16-seed phrase, you can access the SORA Network from anywhere in the world and retrieve your secret encrypted memo from the Blockchain whenever you want.

Then, you might ask, isn’t this the same as writing in the private area (DMs, etc.) of a social media platform’s features? No, it’s not the same.
There’s a pitfall with the private areas of centralized platforms like social media. The catch is who has the access rights. Yes, not only you but also the platform’s administrators have those rights. Ultimately, the administrators of the social media can access and view that information at any time.

This oversight, especially with company secrets accidentally shared in social media’s private spaces, often becomes a problem. What’s written there can also be read by the server administrators!

A truly private space that only you can read is only possible with a “decentralized” blockchain. Even as a developer, I cannot access that information. It’s decentralized.

Then, next time, we will exchange information using this encrypted memo. Let’s exchange information in a decentralized method, suitable for confidential information.