Regarding LoadBlockIndex, In the SORA L2 Blockchain (FromHDDtoSSD)

Firstly, today, we have extended the reward interval for the mining pool (from 4 blocks to 40 blocks). This change was made due to the fact that during periods of high hash rates, a surge in reward coin transactions can put a strain on the exchange’s servers (in cases where the rewards are sent to the exchange’s address). We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation (4 blocks was too short). This adjustment resolves the issue of ReSync on Xeggex.

Next, regarding LoadBlockIndex. In the SORA L2 Blockchain (FromHDDtoSSD), we offer services that utilize blockchain technology and maintain decentralization through the use of full nodes. This brings us to the concept of software startup time. To utilize full nodes, LoadBlockIndex is necessary, and it is crucial to reduce this time.

If client software that uses our services takes 5 to 10 minutes for this LoadBlockIndex, it would be absolutely unacceptable. Therefore, in SORA L2, we have successfully reduced the LoadBlockIndex to within 20 seconds. It’s worth noting that SORA L1 (SorachanCoin-qt) uses the traditional LoadBlockIndex, while SORA L2 (FromHDDtoSSD) features a high-speed version that takes less than 20 seconds. If you are interested, please compare the startup times.