chapter343, [SORA] draft: renewal Whitepaper 5, Concept of chain in operator

5, Concept of chain in operator

5-A, Drive has huge number of sectors
5-A, ドライブには莫大なセクタ数があります

  • The drive is made up of a huge number of sectors, therefore
    the speed will not increase when they copy operators on a scan by sector-by-sector basis.
  • Therefore, we have implemented a mechanism to be operated chain in operator.
  • This mechanism is so similar to the modifier’s checksum calculation.
  • If this logic implemented, after the operation of the operator A, the operator A’ to be used next can be extracted from the operation result AH. That is, the concept of “chain”.
    この論理を実装すれば、作用素Aの演算後、演算結果AHから次に使用する作用素A’を抽出することができます。 つまり、「連鎖」の概念です。

5-B, e.g. equality operator
5-B, 例えば、恒等の作用素

  • Below, A and A’ are operator, then H1 and H2 are a normalized object (e.g. matrix)
    以下、A, A’は作用素で、そして、H1, H2は正規化されたオブジェクトです。

SSD/NVMe scan -> get H1 as result
Blockchain -> OP_CODE -> copied A as result
operation AH1
if H1 = AH1 -> A is equality operator -> A’ = A
SSD/NVMe next scan -> get H2 as result
operation A’H2