chapter341, [SORA] draft: renewal Whitepaper 3, As a scan result, corresponds with vector

3, As a scan result, corresponds with vector

  • At one point, we will consider a vector that can handle multiple correspondences.

e.g. concept of correspondence to point denote that if the scalar is only temperature, then the vector is both temperature and wind flow.

  • Now, if we apply this logic to drive scan, let’s look at its mapping.
  • One factor is the state of sectors in the previous chapter, and it accompanies the reaction rate as pair.
  • And, we need to express as a space that we can recognize. When consider at the calculation, the best to fix size in 1 and equate only by rotation and movement.
    そして、私たちが認識できる空間として表現する必要があります。 計算で考えるとき、大きさを1に固定し、回転と移動だけで同一視するのが最善です。
  • If a HDD is scanned in this way and as a result all sectors are OK as scalar side and do not rotate as vector side too, that is, the representation of space does NOT become a “waveform”, that HDD is no problem.